Web Browser Compatibility and Web Site Version History

Web Browser Compatibility
Web Site Version History

Web Browser Compatibility

The site is primarily developed using Firefox web browser.

We also test the browser and operating system combinations shown below, but some functions may not be optimum in browsers other than Firefox.

  Mac OSX 10.5 Windows 7 openSUSE 11
Firefox 5+ tested and optimised tested and optimised tested and optimised
Safari 5 tested no major issues not applicable not applicable
Internet Explorer 9 not applicable tested no major issues not applicable
Internet Explorer 8 not applicable known issues not applicable
Google Chrome 8 tested tested tested


tested and optimised Optimised for this browser.
tested No major issues found.
known issues Some issues possible.
not applicable Not tested or not a valid combination.

Javascript must be enabled in your browser to ensure all pages on this site function correctly.

Other browser and operating system combinations may not have been tested.

Please use the feedback option in the page header to notify us of any browser compatibility issues.

Web Site Version History

EMAP Release Version eAtlasViewer Version Date Features
3.5.1 2.3 19th April 2013

Bug fix for query tool and systems checkbox in iipviewer.

3.5 2.2 26th February 2013

Anatomy domains in IIPViewer have improved colour and transparency options.
Additional downloads available for high resolution sections.

3.4 2.1 4th February 2013

New models with delineated anatomy EMA:65 (TS19), EMA:146 (TS21), EMA:147 (TS23), EMA:148 (TS24), EMA:149 (TS25).
Model summary page.
Searchable anatomy ontology trees.

3.3 2.1 1st August 2012

Explicit request to accept cookies to comply with EU cookie law.

3.2 2.1 1st June 2012

Interactive abstract ontology added.

3.1 2.1 18th May 2012

Delineated anatomy domains in section view added for EMA:54.
Comprehensive WlzIIPViewer help information added.

3.0 2.0 20th April 2012

Delineated anatomy domains in 3D and section views (IIP viewer).
Query databases from context menu in 3D and section views.
Improved IIP viewer controls, context menu functions and style.
Tree view of delineated domains.
Ontology update to V008 plus improved anatomy ontology pages including interactive ontology tree.

2.2 1.1 12th Jan 2012

Additional model at TS12 (EMA:145).
Minor accumulated changes.

2.0   20th Sept 2011

Additional models at several stages (littermates).
Model views improved and standardised.
3D viewer enhancements with improved cross browser compatibility.
Movies added to stage definition pages and standardised throughout.

1.1   21st April 2011

3D viewer context (right or ctl+click) menu added.
Measurement tool, equivalent section and fixed point modes available from context menu.
Additional TS23 models courtesy of embryoimaging.org.
Interactive anatomy browser enabled.
Download models and anatomy available.

1.0   5th March 2011

Complete web site redesign.
Interactive model selector.
3D and high resolution section zoom viewer.
Metadata information for each model.
Common header navigation.